«Our staff are the key to our customers' success»

Herbert Friedrich, Automation Manager

Brütsch Elektronik develops customised automation solutions for your machine applications or production plant. Our focus is on innovative and safe hardware and software for technologically demanding processes, special purpose machines and motion control. We are certified system partners of Siemens, Beckhoff and B&R. We are also a TÜV-certified safety specialist for machine safety.


By changing control components and retro-fitting new and innovative technological developments we bring existing plant and equipment up to the state of the art. This extends the working life of your plant and equipment, increases output and product quality, as well as boosting efficiency and saving energy.

Special purpose machines

Our wide-ranging and in-depth know-how enables us to understand your needs and processes very quickly and then move on to find a well-targeted solution. This often consists of a custom-made product which is developed and programmed for a very specific application.

Motion control

We will put your machines into action with ultra-precise, dynamic motion control applications. Our experience, expertise and excellent knowledge of drive and automation technology are so impressive that Brütsch Elektronik is the first Swiss provider to win the Siemens "Motion Control Specialist" award.


  • Requirements assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Functional specification
  • Feasibility study
  • Control system assessment
  • Software and hardware design and development
  • Scheduling and budgeting
  • Commissioning and acceptance of machine functions
  • Documentation, training and optimisation
  • Repairs and maintenance


Insulated tubes and pipes for cooling and air-conditioning equipment

Once the untreated plastic fitting has been clamped into position by the operator the machine locks its injection moulding die. After injection, the two-component mixture reacts in the mould and expands as foam. The fitting, now surrounded by foam, is removed by the operator after a few minutes and clamped into a second machine in which it is encased in a sheath.

Development of hardware and software for controlling the mould carrier, construction of the control cabinets, installation of the electrical equipment, design and manufacture of the safety controls

Shower gel or cosmetic tubes or caps for spirits and wine bottles

The stamped tube body or cap is transferred to the machine, placed in the correct position and stamped at about 250°C. Some machines have fully automatic conveyance of parts to and from the machine and integrated robot cells. More than 100 tubes and caps per minute can be processed.

Evaluation of a new control system and development of the software for several machine types; support and optimisation

Gears for automotive gearboxes

The gears are loaded into and unloaded from the highly automated honing machines. The honing process commences after the tooth spaces have been measured. Its purpose is the removal of hardening distortions; at the same time the surface is finished to the last micron.

Project management, optimisation software and hardware development for CNC and PLC systems

Facade insulation panels for the thermal insulation of buildings

The twin-line foaming plant creates a continuous strand from pre-foamed EPS raw material. This strand is continuously cut to length and is then cut again into standard, easy to handle sheet sizes. On the next machine the sheets are milled until they are smooth; slits which facilitate erection on the facade can also be cut into them if required.

Hardware and software development plus new control cabinets for the plant