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Single-use endoscopes

A customer is looking for a single use endoscope. Our contribution: an opto-mechatronic assembly for a flexible intubation video-endoscope.

The expectation

The intubation-support device must be permanently available and provide absolute safety and productivity for any medical treatment. High image resolution and compatibility with existing display monitors must be ensured.

What we offer

We meet the expectations with a compact camera module consisting of a CMOS micro-camera with distal LED illumination and flexprint-based connection technology. The module boasts exquisite image quality at an optimal cost/benefit ratio – and it is compatible with all existing multifunctional display monitors.

Our services

We handle development, verification, industrialization, and assembly. In addition, we offer our customer comprehensive testing and approval support, and we install the entire production infrastructure – including the assembly engineering, the assembly and testing equipment, and the responsible personnel. This, together with our broad network of highly specialized suppliers, enables us to manufacture and test over 100,000 units per year.

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